Renovia Massage Center

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Renovia’s Signature Massage

Renovia Signature Massage is a firm and nurturing customized massage that aims to relax your body muscles with medium-light massage strokes. Please work with our therapists to identify those areas of focus and we will do the rest. Duration Regular Price Club Renovia Price 60 Minutes $75 $60 90 Minutes[…]

Excessive Driving Massage

The following muscle groups are given special attention: We designed a massage protocol to help with the aches and pains associated with excessive driving-neck, shoulders, lower back and calves. The technique incorporates acupressure and stretching to rebalance and vigorous long massage strokes to encourage circulation. The result is a refreshed[…]

Runner’s Massage

The following muscle groups are given special attention: This massage protocol is all about addressing the issues caused by high impact exercise. The technique focuses on the pressure points at the body joints that absorb the most impact. This is followed by stretching and deep tissue massage of the muscle[…]

Golfer’s Massage

The following muscle groups are given special attention: We are golfers. This massage protocol was designed for quick recovery following a round of golf. The massage starts with pressure point technics applied to the ankle/calf area, the hips and the I-bands, the lower back and shoulders/neck. This is followed by[…]

Excessive Computer Use

The following muscle groups are given special attention: We developed this protocol with input from software coders. There is an intense focus on the neck, arms and shoulders prior to moving to the lower back for pain relief and the lower body to increase blood flow. This protocol uses acupressure,[…]

Cycler’s Massage

The following muscle groups are given special attention: This massage protocol was designed for long-distance cyclists with fatigued bodies and sore muscles. Our casual cyclists have found that this massage allows for quicker recovery so they can get back on the bike the next day. The massage therapist focuses on[…]

Deep Tissue Massage

This massage is designed to reach deeper layers of muscle tissue to reduce discomfort, stress and tension.  Firm and slow hand, forearm, and elbow pressure help to increase blood flow and reduce inflammation and pain. This massage should be a regular item on the health maintenance checklist. Duration Regular Price[…]

Hot Stone Massage

Heated stones are used in this massage to generate energy for reducing tension and stress in your muscles. The smooth hot stones will be placed on your body’s energy points to induce deep relaxation and balance to your body. This massage is ideal for those “nagging” aches and pains. Duration[…]

Aromatherapy an additional $10 to any service

Make your experience an enveloping and relaxing one. Choose from a wide variety of essential oils created from natural ingredients for a unique aromatherapy experience. Add $10 to any massage therapy

Oils & Lotions $10

We feature essential oils, lotion, foot soak salts, and exfoliation treatments from Rainshadow Labs. The base materials are organic derivatives that are combined in custom formulas based on their ability to perform with our massage protocols. You can choose a foot soak blend and a scented lotion from our wide[…]

Foot Massage

While the feet are the focus, this is a full body, clothes on massage given at your pressure. Our foot exfoliation process includes application of an exfoliation compound to remove dead or damaged skin. We then apply a masking solution to cleanse the pores and stimulate circulation. The result is[…]


At the corner of Novato and Grant- where convenience and relaxation intersect. We have our own building with ample parking and a tree shaded relaxation deck overlooking a creek. We offer private shower rooms, couples rooms and can accommodate parties of up to 12 in the privacy of our outdoor[…]